About Us

„A European school for those who want to learn”


Our school is an educational complex European equal opportunities for education and training, available in all the areas of telecommunications, public works, electrical, mechanical and postal services to support training and career development for both young and adults.


„Go confidently in the direction you set. Sure, the achievements will come. „

(Anghel Saligny)
Based on the tradition of specialized education in Hunedoara County, School Group Telecommunications and Public Works wants to ensure the necessary conditions to develop a modern education system, quality, open, focused on promoting the values ​​of European democracy.
By focusing on training and development approaches teaching skills and positive attitude in working with the social environment, our school aims to provide an initial training of students to adapt to the challenges of economic development and the acquisition of specific skills to form an autonomous creative personalities in support needs and demanding people in the community and training and education opportunities Hunedoara accessible, to increase the quality of life and economic prosperity.

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